Player Conduct

  1. We do not allow racist comments or names, nor do we allow strong sexual connotations for in-game communications, including but not limited to: squad names, player names, any form of chat or any form of voip communications.
  2. Admin decisions are final and will be respected. Please do not argue it in chat, doing so will result in removal from the server. We have a teamspeak as well. Donít like the decision made? Appeal here: (Server/Admin Abuse Form)
  3. No Spamming / Disruptive Chat and VOIP
  4. No hacking, cheating, glitching, or abusing/exploiting bugs.
  5. You're a guest here, please respect our rules, community, the other players here, and play in a mature manner.

Gameplay Rules

  1. Squad Leaderís orders should be followed. Squad Leaders can remove any players from their squad as they see necessary.
  2. Squad Leaders should be actively leading and working to the betterment of their team.
  3. Intentional team killing is not allowed and you will be kicked and or banned after multiple offenses.
  4. All Squad Leaders must have a microphone to lead a squad.
  5. SQUAD NAMES: Name your squad after your desired role. (FOB, RECON, MECH INF, LOGISTICS, TRANSPORT, ETC.) **Only Heavy Vehicles (BTRís etc. need designated squads). Squads with a desired role name get a first come first serve basis.
  6. Excessive Road Killing is not allowed.
  7. Do not solo any vehicles, if the vehicle has a weapon, you need a 2nd player and the proper kits. If the second player is killed/disconnects/ gets kicked, you need to return to the nearest spawn to get the crew member. This does not apply for squad members returning or using logistical/transport trucks.
  8. Heavy vehicles are to be claimed by squads with the designated names and are on a first come first serve basis. The Admins are not responsible for divvying up of vehicles.
  9. Need to use a claimed vehicle? Ask the squad that claimed it.
  10. Unless otherwise noted on the map or in the game dynamics, the battle should never be in or near a main base. Base camping is not allowed and if all capture points are taking please stay at least 300m away from the enemy main.
  11. No stream sniping or ghosting.
  12. Use common sense. We are all here to enjoy the game, the admins are here to play and not to babysit. Admin say is final. See you on the battlefield!

Play Hard, Play to Win, Play as a Team.
]CIA[ SyntheticCoyote
CIA Gaming Admin Team

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Website: www.ciagaming.org Facebook: CIA Gaming