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    Ban Appeal: SmegWumper

    Name: Childflayer

    UID: snTf8SoWlDIQ3RBhG/iaT+f3DMQ=

    Banning Admin: ChuckOfDoom

    Stated Reason: Reason: "contant Chuckofdoom at for ban appeal"

    What happened: I got kicked out of the ARK channel. I spam poked Nick the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up". He said I had been warned to stop, but I wasn't in the same channel. He went straight to an admin to complain and I was banned a short while later without even being spoken to about it.

    When & Where: 8/14, about 5 am or so.

    ]CIA[ Members Present:

    Why do you feel you should be unbanned?: I poked a guy with the lyrics to a Rick Astley song. I expected him to come to my channel and tell me to cut it out. I wasn't intending to harass anyone, it was a joke. If I get unbanned, I'm gonna stick to my normal channels.

    Other information:

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    I went ahead and dropped your ban down to 5 days starting from today.

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