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    ArmA 3 Squad XMLs

    Howdy, if you play ArmA 3 and want to be on the Squad XML then you're in the right spot, almost.

    1. Check if you're on the squad XML already:
    2. If you're not, go here and fill out the form properly:
    3. Post here saying that you've submitted a form. I get an email too but multiple ways of letting me know are good.

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    Just submitted the form!

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    I have done something using my computer, yay for me.

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    Me too

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    Is this community dead? I never knew the reason why your servers were taken down years ago, mainly PR.

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    We couldn't keep a server alive in PR because of constant DDoS and then once that subsided the damage was done and interest was lost for that. Tried to transition to Squad but there wasn't enough interest within our community to staff a server with admins or seed it.

    A bunch of our vets still hang out in TS and play games but we don't host any game servers. Expensive and not enough interest to stick with something for awhile.

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