BF4 Final Stand DLC is now available for Premium Members


The last DLC for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, is now available for Premium members. The DLC will be available for everyone on December 2nd. Final Stand includes four new maps, some new futuristic gadgets, and two vehicles. If you watched the trailer above you probably noticed one of the new vehicles, the hovertank. That combined with the snow covered maps and the mechs you see in Hangar 21 might bring back memories of the 2142 days and that isn’t a coincidence.

The four new maps included in Final Stand are as follows:

  • Operation Whiteout
  • Hammerhead
  • Hangar 21
  • Giants of Karelia

Also included in the DLC are some new weapons and gadgets:

  • Rorsch MK-1 railgun
  • Machine-gun equipped XD-1 Accipiter drone as a battle pickup
  • DS-3 Decoy Signal gadget

Last but not least there are two new vehicles:

  • Hovertank
  • Snowmobile


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Alongside the DLC there was a game update for all platforms that fixed a variety of issues and tweaked the game a little bit. You can find the full patchnotes for that here:

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