Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 is LIVE! For 14 days Humble is letting you pay what you want and get up to $181 in games and soon to be more! Like always not only do you get some great games for a price that you set but you support charity as well. This bundle is supporting Save The Children and charity: water.

Pay any amount and you get (you must pay a minimum of $1 to receive Steam keys):

Pay more than the average amount and you get the games above and:

If you pay $12 or more you unlock all of the games above and:

Last but not least, if you share the copies of Insurgency you receive and they are redeemed by December 9th you get a free copy of Full Mojo Rampage.


If you want to check out the bundle and possible purchase it head on over to

The system requirements for all of the games are available on the humble support site here:

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