Squad: A tactical military game inspired by PR:BF2


Squad is a newly announced tactical military game that was inspired by the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. The game is currently being developed by a team comprised of past or current PR:BF2 developers. Squad will be a commercial game and it is not Project Reality 2. I’ll keep the coverage here short and only focus on the main points.

The basics:

  • “Squad will be a tactical military game built from the ground up as a cooperative shooter, where high levels of teamwork and communication are supported, encouraged, and integral to gameplay. Complementary with that focus, we are seeking to bridge the gap between arcade shooters like the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, and military simulations like ARMA.”
  • Squad will be a commercial game. That means it will have a price associated with it and it will not be free to play.
  • The development hopes to have a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of Squad.
  • They aim to release a public demo of an early alpha build when the campaign is launched. They are aiming for this to happen in December 2014.
  • Squad is not PR2 and it is not related to PR2. They are separate projects with different goals.
  • Squad is being developed on the Unreal 4 Engine.


Features already in the game:

  • Networked play
  • Basic integrated VoIP
  • Support for teams, squads, and rally points
  • The Advance and Secure (AAS) gamemode
  • 7 character models composing the US & Taliban factions
  • Basic weapon & equipment sets including ARs, MGs, grenades, etc.
  • A true first-person character system (you can see your body, legs, and feet when you look around)
  • A HUD for map, compass, nametags, etc.
  • A library of Afghan statics and accessories
  • Dynamic crop & foliage generation system
  • Distance sounds
  • Physically based rendering texture pipeline
  • Fully functioning weapon code


The developers:

  • Sniperdog – Project Manager & programmer (PR:BF2 Coder)
  • Mosquill – Programmer (PR:BF2 Coder)
  • Chuc – Animator & Graphic Design (PR:BF2 Lead Animator)
  • Irontaxi – Mapper (PR:BF2 Lead Level Designer)
  • Ghostdance – 3D Artist (PR:BF2 3D Artist)
  • Motherdear – 3D Artist (PR:BF2 3D Artist)
  • Z-trooper – 3D Artist (PR:BF2 3D Artist)
  • Tim270 – 3D Artist (PR:BF2 3D Artist)
  • Spush – Texture Artist (PR:BF2 Texture Artist)
  • Bull – Texture Artist (BSS Texture Artist)
  • Anders – Sounds FX (PR:BF2 Sound FX and Effects Artist)
  • Bruno – Effects (PR:BF2 Effects developer)
  • Okita.Makito – Military Advisor (PR:BF2 Level Designer and Military Advisor)
  • Litoralis – Lead Tester (PR:BF2 Tester and Tech Support)
  • Afterdune – Media & Public Relations (PR:BF2 Lead)


Here you can see some of their progress so far:


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And this just wouldn’t be complete without some gameplay, right? Please keep in mind this video showcases pre-alpha gameplay. This isn’t anywhere close to the finished product.



If you want to follow the development team’s progress you can do so by:


I know many of us here at ]CIA[ Gaming are excited to follow Squad’s progress and of course play it when it is available. We hope the rest of you are as excited as we are! See you on the battlefield!


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