The Steam Holiday Sale has started!

From Valve:

The Steam Holiday Sale is here! For the next fifteen days, take advantage of huge saving throughout our store on thousands of games. Check back often to take advantage of new deals every 12 hours. Vote in the Community’s Choice to help decide what games get an even deeper discount!

In addition, more than a hundred games and apps will be Featured Deals throughout the sale, which rotate every 24 hours…
Participating in the 2014 Steam Holiday Sale will also earn you exclusive Holiday Sale Trading Cards. Collect all 10 cards during the sale to earn the Holiday Sale 2014 Badge, backgrounds and emoticons!

The Steam Holiday Sale will run from now until 10AM PST, January 2nd. Complete information on Featured Deals, Community’s Choice Vote and more can be found HERE.

Be sure to...

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The Steam Exploration Sale is LIVE!

From Valve:
The Steam Exploration Sale is here! For the next six days, take advantage of huge savings throughout the Steam store on thousands of titles. Plus, discover new and recommended games on your personalized Exploration Sale page here… The Steam Exploration Sale runs from now until 10AM Pacific Time, December 2nd. Complete information on Daily Deals and other special offers can be found on Steam.

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The Humble SEGA Bundle

The Humble SEGA Bundle is LIVE! During the next two weeks you can get up  to $128 worth of games from SEGA for a price that you choose, as long as its above $1 for the Steam keys. Not only do you get some good games but you also help support charities like AbleGamers, Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, and GamesAid. All of the games in the bundle are available on Steam for Windows and Empire: Total War as well as Total War: Rome II Caesar in Gaul DLC are available for Steam on mac.

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BF4 Final Stand DLC is now available for Premium Members


The last DLC for Battlefield 4, Final Stand, is now available for Premium members. The DLC will be available for everyone on December 2nd. Final Stand includes four new maps, some new futuristic gadgets, and two vehicles. If you watched the trailer above you probably noticed one of the new vehicles, the hovertank. That combined with the snow covered maps and the mechs you see in Hangar 21 might bring back memories of the 2142 days and that isn’t a coincidence.

The four new maps included in Final Stand are as follows:

  • Operation Whiteout
  • Hammerhead
  • Hangar 21
  • Giants of Karelia

Also included in the DLC are some new weapons and gadgets:

  • Rorsch MK-1 railgun
  • Machine-gun equipped XD-1 Accipiter drone as a battle pickup
  • DS-3 Decoy Signal gadget

Last but not least there are two new vehicles:

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Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 is LIVE! For 14 days Humble is letting you pay what you want and get up to $181 in games and soon to be more! Like always not only do you get some great games for a price that you set but you support charity as well. This bundle is supporting Save The Children and charity: water.

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The 2014 Steam Halloween Sale is here!

The Steam Halloween Sale will be running from now until November 3rd at 10AM pacific.

Be sure to check out the Steam Store during this time to get some great discounts on a wide range of games! There will be hundreds of titles on sale during this period.

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Squad: A tactical military game inspired by PR:BF2


Squad is a newly announced tactical military game that was inspired by the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. The game is currently being developed by a team comprised of past or current PR:BF2 developers. Squad will be a commercial game and it is not Project Reality 2. I’ll keep the coverage here short and only focus on the main points.

The basics:

  • “Squad will be a tactical military game built from the ground up as a cooperative shooter, where high levels of teamwork and communication are supported, encouraged, and integral to gameplay. Complementary with that focus, we are seeking to bridge the gap between arcade shooters like the Call of Duty and Battlefield series, and military simulations like ARMA.”
  • Squad will be a commercial game...
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Grand Theft Auto V PC Release: January 27, 2015

Release dates for Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, PS4, and PC were released earlier today. The game is set to be released on November 18th for Xbox One & PS4 while the PC release is now set for January 27, 2015. This comes as a disappointment for many of us because we were led to believe that it would be coming out on PC this fall. This came at first from rumours, then an official trailer, and finally from the GTA V steam store page (which at the time of posting still shows the game as releasing in Fall 2014).GTAVstore

At least the game is still set to release on PC but its a shame to see it come well over a year after it was originally released and I’m sure that has put off many people. Lets hope this release turns out to be much better than GTA IV.

If you want to discuss this you can head over ...

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Battlefield 4: Final Stand Official Reveal

Battlefield 2142, anyone?

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The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2

The Jumbo Bundle is back! Pay what you want and get up to $210 in great games! All of the games in the bundle are available for redemption on steam. Please note that to get the Steam keys you must pay at least $1. Purchasing this bundle helps support the game developers and the American Red Cross and Child’s Play Charity. You can define the split of your payment if you want to.

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